Monday, December 15, 2014

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

The Great Dragon
walks in the Park

In the early dark
of the December night

Between the glowing Santa`s Sleigh
and the young couples
huddled round the Nativity.

Glory to God in the Highest
And Peace on Earth
To all men of goodwill

But to the Great Horned Owl
perched in all his worldly wisdom
upon the threshold of the stars

And the wary little mouse
darting about in the gleanings of the neighborhood pumpkin patch

Is it Christmas

And the equestrian Constable
in a rare
Evening watch

The shy vagrant
who hides a bottle
from the streetlamp

The lonely and afraid commuter
wary of false hopes
and the high price of holiday tangerines

For even the darkness of Space
has Laws
and Mao Zedong

Christmas proves Man can be good
If only for a day

A couple of weeks

Until Fat Tuesday ?

And the Great Dragon
came alight
like a Four Story tall Christmas Tree.


Monday, October 20, 2014

Homecoming 2014


The Great Dragon
looms in the dusky late afternoon
of October


The Sun
to a Giant Orange
behind the colorful Falling Leaves
of the Maple

Brick oven BBQ Baked beans
and Homemade Smores

The Party has moved indoors

And the light that shines
through the darkness
entered upon us.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Rich Men Can`t Limbo

On the Allied Coalition against The Islamic State of The Levant in Iraq and Syria.
Or White Men Can`t Limbo

Alas, The World proved too big for even Alexander.
Who was sent by Osiris
to dwell in lands, beyond the Black Sea.

Certainly the medicinal benefits of Opium
would have reached Gravenstein Palace
in due time;
But the thought of being Shown Up by the Portuguese,
was simply too much.

So our Fearless Leader
Who`s job it is, to conjure
Manifest Destiny,
into Joy To The World
and Peace On Earth
To All Men Of Good Will.

So we don`t argue
or Politics
over Thanksgiving Dinner,
And the Issues
and Concerns
That beset Humanity;
Are settled with same hypocrisy
of Ethics,
As these
these Dictators,


Monday, September 15, 2014

Vincent Van Gogh`s Wheat Fields near Arles

The Great Dragon
lies in a field of Golden Grain
bathing in the late afternoon sunshine
like an Ancient Persian Treasure.

Anticipating the first Full Moon
of Autumn
to rise at Perigee
in September

Suspended densely in the clockwork spectacle
like a supernatural Mother of Pearl 

The Turning World
Is Perfect
as an Ingoldsby Legend

or a Grimm’s Fairy Tale. 

September 7, 2014